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Cannabis Payroll Services

Even the most conscientious small business owner can make mistakes processing payroll. But when your business operates in the cannabis industry, your payroll practices must be by the book. The federal government is watching so one mishap in calculating taxes or paying different types of employees could land your business in big trouble. Don’t risk losing some of your hard-earned profits to compounding tax penalties and interest, contact Mike C. Manoloff CPA CTC. We offer payroll services for marijuana businesses including growers, dispensaries, and retailers so we know how to process your payroll in line with current tax regulations.

Our outsourced payroll services are perfect for marijuana businesses because they’re convenient and provide peace of mind. When we take over your payroll you won’t have to worry about confusing tax filings, IRS penalties, or unhappy workers. We’ll skillfully process your payroll, pay your employees and contractors correctly, and handle all your payroll tax filings. We’re the right fit for cannabusinesses because our payroll services are scalable and affordable. From your first hire to a full staff of employees, our support can be adjusted as your operation expands.

Ready to take the pain out of your payroll? Call us now at (346) 772-5878 to learn more about our competitive rates or request a free consultation online to get a quote.

Payroll processing services:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payroll processing
  • Direct deposits
  • Payroll tax filings
  • Help resolving payroll tax problems
  • Customized payroll reports
  • Preparation of W-2's, W-3's, and 1099s
  • Weekly accounting summaries


  • Direct Deposit
  • Filing of 940, 941
  • W2
  • 1099
  • SUTA
  • FUTA


Employee Portal (Cloud Based Paystub's & W4's)

Benefits of Employee Portal:

  • Employer does not need to hand out paystubs, employees receive paystubs via portal
  • Employers do not have to hand out or mail w-2’s to employees
  • Employees – current and former receive W-2 at year end via portal
  • Employees can update personal information like mailing address, w-4 withholdings
  • Employers do not have to worry about lost w-2’s by employees, since they have access to
  • the portal

Employee Portal (Cloud Based Paystub's & W4's) With i9 & W4 Document Support


Simplified: From you we only need:

1. Employee Name

2. Employee Email

3. and Payrate

We handle the rest

Employees submit W4 information directly, employer saves time in collecting data

(employees not paid if information is not supplied)

Employees submit i-9 information directly, employer saves time in collecting data

(employees not paid if information is not supplied)

Employees submit bank information directly to us, so employer does not have to use time

to send over to us

Employer no longer required to maintain W4’s and I9’s, we maintain

Time And Attendance

Benefits of Time and Attendance:

  • Cloud Based, Information is ready when you need it wherever you are
  • Admin Management
  • Allow / restrict admin rights to view/add/edit to managers / supervisors
  • PTO management
  • Payrates for Overtime, Holiday, Vacation or Customized rates as needed
  • No punch options for salaried employees


Online document management provides a reliable, consistent platform for information delivery. Document tracking helps assure that employees are adopting policies and procedures.


An ATS (or Applicant Tracking System) is a software that manages your entire hiring and recruitment process. It helps you to speed up candidate management and significantly reduce time-to-fill.

Background Checks

Interviews have been compared to an iceberg, when interviewing we only see a small portion.  As you may have seen, our payroll department has increased our service offerings to include:

- Employee Portal to access paystub's and W2's
- Onboarding
- ATS Applicant Tracking
-We can also offer background checks

Background checks can vary from basic to comprehensive.

Options include:

 - Criminal

 - Education

 - Motor Vehicle

 - Employment

 - County

 - State

 - Federal

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