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SSG — Simplify, Save, Grow

As the saying goes, ‘it’s lonely at the top’, as the business owner who are you going to ask. Often the advice from friends, family, and colleagues may have been the right answer for them for that situation, but every situation is different. We focus on business advisory and tax coaching strategies that ensure compliance to reduce liability while maximizing tax savings.

For business owners, we have a strategy that includes the various aspects to support the business and tax needs. The strategy is our SSG strategy, Simplify Save Grow. Each strategy we implement is as unique as your business.


Ease of access as we have modernized our activities to the cloud allowing you to connect and access anywhere at any time. We also review your bookkeeping to ensure it is consolidated to identify key areas. We often have small businesses with bookkeeping accounts unnecessarily complicated with more entries than a billion-dollar corporation that we can simplify allowing the owner to have key areas to focus on.


Mike is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and with that certification we are held to a higher standard which ensures all savings we pass along to you are above board so you can sleep soundly at night. Mike is also a Certified Tax Coach, CTC. This is an elite group of around 500 in the U.S. that do the research to maximize your tax savings, leveraging deductions and write-offs that other firms either can’t or won’t.


With the bookkeeping data we not only ensure timely accounting reports, we also leverage the data to perform benchmark analysis reports. These benchmark reports review key areas against your peers and competitors to identify which areas are out of alignment.

Service Levels

Within the SSG strategy we also have three service level offerings, Essential, Full, and Advanced.


Essential is designed for small business / startups and DIYers (Do it yourself). The accounting / bookkeeping is on the client side of the fence with a review from our team.
Key areas to watch out for:

  • The most important person in the business, the owner, will need to perform this function.
  • Or hire someone in house to perform this function.
  • Liability
    • Without being a subject matter expert (SME) you run into liability concerns with the IRS if not properly capturing assets, liabilities, equity, expenses, and revenues.
    • These liabilities can become costly in penalties and difficult to recover from.
    • Benefit of hiring someone in house is it does relieve the owner of the administrative task of inputting the data but does create another liability of employee management and their access to the company’s finances.


Middle of the road, we are operating as your part-time CFO. Main difference is the entering of the transactions for accounting / bookkeeping falls on our side of the fence AND benchmarking reports.


  • Allows owner to focus on business
  • Assets, liabilities, equity, expenses, and revenues all captured by a team member with our firm that is a subject matter expert
  • Owner can review reports on the data instead of inputting the data
  • Benchmarking: learn how you stack up against your competition


We are operating as your CFO. For business owners looking for a partner and advisor with increased availability, frequency, and additional service offerings including bill pay.

  • Did you know that businesses who regularly plan, grow 30% faster? – Research Source: Cranfield University School of Management

Which level fits you?

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